monday favorites | holiday season etsy roundup

The holiday season is around the corner, so I decided to dedicate today's favorites to pretty stuff that has been catching my eye lately on Etsy.

☾ No more naked walls! Pretty art to hang in to your wall.
1.Modern Desert print archival @Luna Reef 2.2015 Astrology Wall Calendar @Chelsey Dyer 3.Moon print @Fieldguided
4. Figure No. 1 @Steven Beckly 5. Crystal poster @Debbie Carlos

 Viva la woman! Indulge, relax. Repeat.
☾ Good vibe zone/ Objects.

1.Camera Obscura, A Journal of Feminism and Film Theory, Number Two, Vintage Magazine 1977 @Cake Box 2.Pottery Step-by-Step at @Screaming Kettle 3.The Hippie Cookbook or Don't Eat Your Food Stamps by Gordon & Phyllis Grabe; First Edition @Trouve la Joie 6.Herbal, Floral Loose Incense @Earth Oils  5.Black Tourmaline Pyramid Set @Isva 6. No. 561 - sunrise textured brass cuff bracelet @ Dinosaurtoes 

lately | hideaway ≜

Hola amigos! I'm here again with the sunshine upon my face. I've been absent from blogging lately as you might have realized; I've been somewhat busy trying a new approach to life. I like to think of it as an hollistic approach to life perhaps. I've reached a point when everyday seemed like Groundhog Day and things weren't actually making much sense, so I had to switch off a few of lights for a while, including blogging, removing myself from toxic people and fake surrounds in order to focus on other things: positive things, positive people and new horizons to bring you the goods with no polluted, dirty cosmic interferences.  I mean, I'm still all about sweet rock 'n' roll and good times, but hey, you do need a break sometimes, right? 

i) Beauty
Beautywise I've been only into organic, indie and pretty products. I am not able to shop at conventional shops anymore; it's too fake and too plastic for me to give in and splurge. I am not able to buy those huge brands anymore. I really can't explain you why, but they kind put me off really. Maybe it's because of the exaggerated luxe/commercial/unethical stamp associated to certain beauty brands, maybe it's because they keep sending a wrong message. I don't know. It's a bit complex. And you know I'm a bit of a free spirited weirdo who doesn't care for that ultra high-end stuff.
In terms of haircare I've been using Rahua, Sachajuan and Sans Ceuticals. I recently discovered a lovely California handmade, organic brand called La Tierra Sagrada and I really, really want to give it a try.

Charcoal and clay soaps from Herbivore Botanicals.

Sachajuan volume shampoo & SANS [ceuticals] volumising hair hydratant.

Burning up some Palo Santo and filling up the air with good vibes. Beautful Antipodes Nature Reincarnation face scrub was also present.

ii) Books and records
1.2. Nick Waterhouse - Holly 3.4. You are a Circle - A Visual Meditation for the Creative Mind , Guillaume Wolf "Prof. G". 5.6. Be Here Now, Ram Dass

iii) Clothing
You know I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl. I don't particularly feel attracted to over the top stuff. It's too much visual noise when I look in the mirror, so I like it muted. I've bought a pair  of vintage Gloria Vanderbildt jeans, circa 1978,  and they are the coolest thing ever. These are lady jeans (ha!), and because they are high waisted they make your butt look super voluptuous, in a totally sexy, Bianca Jagger, grown-up lady way.

expiration date | monday favorites

Hola gang! Things have been super psyched lately. Plus I have a bad cold (hola Autumn!).But huh..better late, than never right? So here we go: beautiful Australian denim brand Rolla's - all about rock n'roll, optimism and simplicity;beautifully organic Pansy Clothing underwear; remembering WET magazine; the amazing hancrafted and stylish Rachel Sees Snail Shoes and getting a splash with cult classic Terence Conran book, Bed and Bath.

Rolla's is a brand created by designer couple Andy Paltos & Sarah Gilsenan. They have joined forces with original classic Australian denim brand Faberge to create something that is not only modern & free, but importantly has deep roots & fond memories to draw from. 

Not so long ago, Laura Schoorl and Rachel Corry were driving from San Francisco to Santa Barbara for dinner with Rachel's parents and got to talking. They had both been dreaming of the ideal underwear: minimal, sturdy, beautiful, locally-made underwear you can feel good wearing. Discover Pansy.

Table of contents from an issue of WET - COURTESY LEONARD KOREN
WET: The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing, an avant-garde publication of the 1970s and early 1980s, Contained commentary, images, and advice, not all of it strictly about bathing.


drydockshop:  THE BED AND BATH BOOK | Terence Conran ©1978

I have a thing with bathrooms. Even more so I have a thing with  the bathrooms featured on Terence Conran 1978 book Bed and Bath.

monday favorites | coming of age

Not afraid to say "no" anymore. It's as easy as saying "yes".
Don't play with me, because you're playing with fire.
Wear a navy lambswool sweater. Go incognito.
Stay real, stay honest. Stay in touch with those who care. Stay in touch with your roots.
Don't play games, player.
 Paint your eyelids in gold, to stay in touch with your dreams.

NO. 8
NO. 8
NO. 8
NO. 7
NO. 7
NO. 7
NO. 6
NO. 6
NO. 6
NO. 5
NO. 5
NO. 5
Otto knitwear. Otto is a design company based in New York City founded by Roula Nassar.

Remembering artist Mike Kelley

These dudes. On repeat again. Because the 90s weren't all about grunge. At all. 
93'til infinity.

golden house, iman issa  nuweiba, egypt
1.Backstage Barbara Bui SS 15 2.Golden House. 2003. Installation, Egypt. Iman Issa. 3. Roni Horn, Gold Field, 1982 

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